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Curriculum Vitae

1989: Learned Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage at Atlanta School of Massage

2002: Graduated from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health

2002-2006: Practiced Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy at Various Venues

2005: Began studying Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy with John F. Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB

2007: Began practice of specializing in MFR Therapy with Richard Speizer, DC

2009: Opened "Indigo Sun Deep Massage" in Sandy Springs, Georgia

2013: Changed business name to "Northside Myofascial-Release"

John F. Barnes Seminars (300+Hrs):

MFR I (x2), MFR II (x3), MFR III

Cervical-Thoracic (x2)


Unwinding (x3), Advanced Unwinding

Rebounding (x2)

Skills Enhancement

Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner

Ron Reach, LMT in Sandy Springs


Sun-Thurs 10am-7pm

Friday 10am-3pm

Saturday Closed

(770) 815-7942

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Mission Statement

Northside Myofascial-Release is dedicated to providing immediate, profound pain relief using the most effective and up-to-date methods known.

I began studying massage therapy in 1989 at Atlanta School of Massage where I learned Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.  I used these techniques for several years to treat friends and family. Connect with me on DaoCloud: The Social Network for Wellness.

In 2001, I went back to massage school, this time to Rising Spirit Institute in Dunwoody, Georgia.  It was there where I first learned about Myofascial Release (MFR), and about the world-class teacher, John F. Barnes, who developed Myofascial Release Therapy in the early 1970's.

I began my studies with Barnes in 2005.  First taking seminars in Atlanta, I pursued Barnes' Teachings for four more years, traveling to Philadelphia, Detroit, Myrtle Beach, and Sedona, Arizona.

This technique has affected my life in profound ways.  The first time I had a client with long-term pain and was able to help them using MFR, I felt right at home!  Every session is a new learning experience, and as Barnes says, I "approach each session with the curiosity of a cat."  I look forward to sharing Myofascial Release techniques with you.

~ Ron Reach, LMT | Book Now                             

My Story of Myofascial Release in Sandy Springs