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Rick Speizer, D.C.P.C., CCSP |

One of the most dedicated therapists I have known here in Atlanta; he is clearly heads and tails more dedicated then many therapists I have worked with. His compassion, understanding, dedication, and skills are so rare to find all in one therapist. Ron has worked with me for about 3 years now, and continues to impress me with his healing skills. I will continue to refer patients to him for myofascial-release therapy. 

Testimonials About Ron Reach, LMT

Debra Cohen, Tennis Pro

I was immobile, in pain and depressed that my tennis teaching career and active lifestyle was taken from me. A car crash herniated five discs and nothing was helping - not the steroid shots, medications or physical therapy. From a friend's recommendation, I began Myofascial Release Therapy with Ron Reach at Northside Myofascial-Release, and I began to feel improvements immediately. My muscles and surrounding fascial tissues, which were in a state of spasm, began to release - and release me from constant pain! True healing had begun. After two months of regular therapy with Ron, I now am able to do yoga an hour a day, hike and swim. Ron was even able to help heal a 20 year old tennis injury, that I had learned to tolerate. Ron taught me an important lesson: massage feels good, but the positive effects of myofascial-release last, because the therapy deals with the root of the problem. Hope and healing are words that Ron has helped me experience, and I plan on resuming my tennis career very soon. 
Forever grateful, Debra



Linda O., LMT

I have been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years and have acquired several techniques that are very beneficial for my clientele. However, until I experienced MFR with Ron Reach, I was unaware of the powerful effectiveness of this particular therapy. My body structure changed during the very first session, and my day-to-day comfort level has been much improved. I would recommend Myofascial Release for anyone who has chronic issues and wants to lead a more comfortable lifestyle!

Tanyika White

Almost three years ago, after being rear-ended two times within two months, my pelvis was twisted, the vertebrae in my neck were reversed, one leg was shorter than the other, and I could not do what I loved to I can truly say, and have x-rays to prove, that after consistently working with Ron, I have my body back! My pelvis is now straight and my neck has improved dramatically. The migraines are gone! The lengths of my legs are just a few millimeters off, but I use a slight insert to remedy that. I now comfortably run three to five miles a day. Ron is a master at the Myofascial Release technique, which I firmly believe has helped my body to heal itself. Most massages make you feel good temporarily. After working with Ron, you will find that your body feels better and better for days and months, and yes, even years at a time. What he offers is truly "beyond massage." 

Ellen Jordan

I had a ruptured disc in my neck and I lived with chronic pain every day for over a year. I was hoping to avoid surgery. I had done everything possible: Massage, chiropractic adjustments, steroid shots, physical therapy, injections and medication to relieve the inflammation and severe pain in my neck. I also wore a neck brace for over 3 months. I was referred to Ron Reach by a friend. After 4 months of MFR therapy, the chronic pain and stiffness in my neck is gone! I will continue MFR therapy when I need pain relief, and I would highly recommend Ron Reach to anyone suffering from pain. He truly has healing hands!

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Jonathan C. Waldron, DDS

As a dentist, I work in a forward sitting position for many hours of the day. This has resulted in a decrease of my range of motion in my shoulders and neck. After three sessions, I have found a very significant improvement in the latter and relief from general discomfort.

Dr. Ellen Levy, DC, ND

I have been receiving massages for over 30 years. I have been treated by Ron Reach and have sent my chiropractic patients to Ron for about 4 years. His myofascial work, as well as his deep tissue massage are beyond comparison. This is not a feel good fluff massage, but deep, therapeutic work. He has helped both myself and my patients deal with old and new injuries with fabulous results--injuries, aches, and pains, all heal faster with Ron's help. His knowledge of the body is vast and I highly recommend his work. Ron is my favorite addiction. 

Dr. R. Colgrove, Plastic Surgeon

Ron Reach has been most helpful in maintaining a pain-free and loose feeling throughout my lower back an upper back-shoulder area. Performing plastic surgery requires long hours of awkward positions resulting in back spasms and strain. In addition, playing tennis aggravates many areas. Mr. Reach has been valuable in allowing me to continue my passion of performing many hours of plastic surgery per week and still be energetic and pain free to enjoy A-level tennis! I strongly recommend him for anyone wishing to decrease stiffness and muscle-fascia soreness.